Helpful information

It is advisable to confirm with relocation support if all the below apply.


Please find further resources on the Accommodation Services Resource page.


Soft Package

  • A ‘soft package’ is provided in the house you come into when you first arrive. This package includes bedroom and bathroom linen as well as kitchen and dining utensils.

Your Residence

  • All residents have access to a maintenance hotline and emergency contact numbers.
  • Each unit contains a television. Residents are welcome to use their preferred television streaming services. Independently installed satellite dishes are not permitted.
  • Wi-fi routers are available for purchase from the IT Store. Residents may also use personal routers they have moved with to KAUST. Connection to the KAUST internet network uses a LAN cable connected to the router box.
  • Some unit types incorporate gardens. A horticulture and gardening service supports maintenance of back gardens.

Unit Assignment

  • All residents are assigned a housing unit before they arrive.
  • Assignment is initially based on the future occupant’s eligibility and dependent upon unit type availability.
  • Rental rates are based on the type of unit and the resident’s terms of employment.
  • Upon arrival, residents receive the keys to their new unit and lease agreement that requires their signature.

Arrivals without families

  • Residents initially arriving at KAUST without their spouse or families as single residents have the option to live in single-gender shared units which range from 3 to 4-bedroom houses with one or two other residents. 
  • At least one month of a change of resident’s circumstances including joining spouse or family to allow for the accommodation of the newly formed household.
  • To be mindful of other sharers pet ownership and smoking are not permitted in shared housing.


  • Bidding is based on the periodic availability of vacant units.
  • Residents eligible for a unit change, depending on the subject bidding unit type are invited to take part in the bidding process.
  • Bidding assignments are automated and system generated.

Housing Agreement Highlights

  • Changing residential locks is the sole responsibility of Housing Services. See Housing key control.

  • Residents are responsible for the general upkeep of their units. Any maintenance requirement should swiftly be reported to KAUST Maintenance Services. See facilities management.

  • It is prohibited to install satellite dishes or any external cable TV services. See KAUST IT for more information on IT services. 

  • Mechanical rooms and their accesses should be kept free and clear.
  • Upon departure residents are required to return the unit in the same condition it was received, subject to normal wear and tear. See departure tips.

  • Residents should safeguard personal property and independently obtain adequate insurance cover. See lost and found.

  • In accordance with the KAUST pet policy only domestic pets like cats, dogs, indoor birds and fish are allowed.

  • No pets can be kept in apartments and sharing units.
  • From the time a new unit is assigned a resident is required to move within 7 days. See internal move tips.