The KAUST off-road Exploration Community Club offers community members the opportunity to learn more about off-road exploring and also to build up their experience and expertise with off-road in the desert.



Membership Fees
SAR 100 per year
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  • Providing information on off-road exploration and trips.
  • Raise experience and confidence in undertaking off-road exploration.
  • Increase safety on off-road trips.
  • Develop links to local contacts.
  • Ensure off-road exploration is undertaken in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable way.

The Club organizes trips to sites in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, provides information and guidance about sites and equipment and organizes training and practice events to gain more confidence with off-road(sand and rock) driving.


The Club is open to all KAUST residents and employees from the age of 18 and above. The membership fee is SAR 100 per year.


Club Meetings

Once a year, the club holds a general assembly of all members to discuss club matters and finances and elect the club president, finance officer and IT officer.


Club Charter 

Please find the club charter here for more information on how we run the club.


Group Officers

PresidentGabriel Wittum

808 0387
IT OfficerRobert Hoehndorf  
Finance OfficerMagnus Rueping