In the Kaust Aqua Movers Club we come together to share our passion of moving in the water non-competitively.

The Club promotes physical and mental health and invites everyone to join for a 3 ½ k walk or run every other Saturday. It is not race… apart from with yourself! If you come regularly, your fitness will increase and your time will decrease!

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is an opportunity for personal development and creates the possibility for people to maximize the potential within themselves. Promotes self-discipline and increases self-confidence.

The purpose of the group is to introduce, teach, and engage KAUST Community with Cricket. The club also organizes cricket social nights, tournaments and training camps for all the KAUST residents and employees.

The Club welcomes experienced freedivers to practice the sport, join competitions, and meet other freediving enthusiasts.

Aikido Pajamas was founded to bring together practitioners of aikido and those who want to learn. Aikido is a relatively soft martial art, which is why people of all ages and abilities are welcome to join.

The Movement Club is a dance club that offers dance classes for adults and children throughout the year. We pull from the community talents and so our classes are very diverse with many genres of cultural, classical, and contemporary dances. We are always looking for great talent so if you have a dance background and would like to teach, reach out to us.

The Red Sea Cyclists Community Club ties together cycling enthusiasts throughout KAUST. We promote all forms of cycling for commuting, health, recreational and competitive purposes. We actively engage with community officials to make KAUST a safer and more attractive environment for cyclists of all ages.

The Red Sea Dragon Boat Club strives to promote the sport of Dragon Boat racing. The Red Sea Dragon Boat Club encourages the KAUST Community to participate as a means for cultural exposure as well as promote physical fitness. Join us to enjoy the spirit of enthusiasm and involvement when being part of a Dragon Boat Crew.

Welcome to our Basketball club: the Red Sea Hoopsters-where we believe that basketball is more than just a sport; it's an opportunity for personal development and a chance to maximize your potential.

Our club’s primary goal is to have fun playing water polo - one of the most satisfying and energetic team sports. We provide every Club member with an opportunity to improve their skills and physical fitness while enjoying themselves, regardless of their level of ability. We are very lucky to have an experienced and passionate water polo coach.

The KAUST Scuba Divers Club aims to promote the sport of SCUBA diving to the KAUST community, to encourage well-being, safety, and friendship through recreation, training, and exchange of experiences.

The main objective of the club is to promote tennis in KAUST as a physical and social activity.

The Thai Boxing Club aims to learn the martial art of Thai Boxing to boost the community's mental and physical health and provide a healthy connection for our community.

Volleyball is a spectacular game which requires physical preparations and tactical skills. This club offers training sessions for beginners as well as for amateur players to hone their performance.

Martial arts is an artistic movement, celebrating power and building mental strength and health. We are a martial arts club for women, by women.