Community Clubs

Community clubs are a group of people in KAUST who come together with an interest, passion and hobby with the willingness to share it with others. Whatever you like, be it dancing, cricket, writing or boardgaming there is someone in KAUST who shares your passion.  Below are all the different clubs grouped according to their themes. If you want to start your own club please contact the community clubs’ co-ordinator –


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Community Clubs (formerly known as Self-Directed Groups) are a group of people living in KAUST who come together to share their passion, interest or hobby with the willingness to expand it to the community.  They are always initiated and driven by the community and there is a need for it. 

To form a Community Club the following is needed:

  • People: three is the minimum number needed to form a Club, who are willing to take responsibility for it. These members are: the president, treasurer and one other officer.
  • Charter: any requirements specific to the Club should be documented in a Community Club Charter which should be circulated to all members in the Club. This needs to be signed by the relevant officers and a Community Life representative. 
  • Self-funding: the Club needs to be self-sufficient and self-funding.
  • Annual General Meeting: the Club must hold an official ‘Annual General Meeting’ once per year in which officers are elected and financials shared with the Club. Minutes should be taken and kept on file by the Club and should be shared with the Community Club’s Co-ordinator.

To book a space in Recreation please contact Recreation directly stating that you are a Community Club. To book a space in the ECC3 or Community Hub please complete this form: Community Spaces | Reservation Form - Formstack

Once you have your communications ready, please contact the Community Clubs’ co-ordinator.

There is no funding for the Club’s activities. Clubs are empowered to be self-sufficient, driven by the passion for the activity. Furthermore, the Club must be run on a non-profit basis (all monies collected from members or activities of the Club must be used to deliver Club activities).

Please contact the Community Club’s co-ordinator.

Please contact the community clubs’ co-ordinator:

Hannah O’Callaghan (

ECC3, room K101

Oasis Lane

Office: 012 808 6318

It depends how long it takes the Club to complete the required documents. However, this usually varies between 1 week and 4 weeks.

You will receive a confirmation email from the Community Clubs’ co-ordinator.