Photography Club


The Photography Club has been part of the KAUST community since 2010. If you work, live or study at KAUST, you are welcome to join the club. We are a place for photographers of all levels of ability to meet and share our enthusiasm for photography, learn new techniques and improve our skills.




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The club has a dedicated studio in the Island Recreation Center (IRC), which includes professional-grade equipment and a learning area for members. Even if you do not own a camera, you are welcome to join us and practice with the club’s camera, available for members to use during the workshops organized in the studio.


Events and Activities


  • Our teaching sessions and workshops start at 7:30 pm on most Mondays.
  • The club operates from early September till late May, with a few weeks' break during the winter holidays.

We offer a number of workshops throughout the year, which can appeal to all photographers, from more experienced to novices. We offer classes on understanding how to use studio equipment, such as flashlights, that we use for a multitude of workshops such as studio portraits, product photography, macro, and light painting. We also organize classes on landscape, street, and travel photography, as well as more technical challenging types of photography, such as astrophotography and underwater photography, in collaboration with other community clubs. We encourage discussion among members through some showcase sessions, in which we show photos from members and discuss all together composition and technique.


Membership Fees


Club members are welcome to attend the workshops and propose any topic they would like to be covered. The annual membership fee is 100 SAR.

For those who are new or just starting out in photography, we offer two times a year (one in the fall, and one in the spring) an Introductory Course to Photography. You don't need to know anything about photography, and you don't need a 'fancy, digital' camera: the camera in your mobile phone will be OK to start with. The course will cover the basics of photography, from exposure to light and composition, over the course of six lessons that will be held at the club’s studio, inside the Island Recreation Center (IRC). The course fee is 200 SAR.



Here's what you'll learn:


  • Composition and visual storytelling
  • Understanding light
  • Controlling exposure and understanding camera settings
  • Selecting and using photographic equipment 



How to Join?


The club also has a Facebook page

To join the club, email and attach a photo or scan of your KAUST ID badge or drop in and join one of the Monday club sessions.



Group Officers



Luca Genchi

Marco Casartelli

Brian Nieuwenhuis



Photograph credits: Studio work - Craig Kershaw, Hover fly - Theo Goncalves, Burning Steel wool - Bahir Skinner, Campus Mosque - Aditya Prabaswara, Crab Plover - Mohammed Khan