Our goal is to be a community for anyone who enjoys knitting and crocheting. We are also open to adding other art crafts, such as embroidery and sewing.

All KAUST community members are welcome. We hold fortnightly gatherings where members work on their projects, chat, and learn from each other. 

We will help you step into the world of knitting and crocheting and teach you the basics.

Newcomers are welcome!


The location will be determined at the week of the meeting. Please note that we vary the location to keep things interesting! Tools are available for sale if needed

Meeting Times:
Twice a month

Tuesdays 7:00 – 9:00 PM


For Inquiries Contact Us

Ghadeer Hasanin
Email: ghadeer.hasanin@thekaustschool.org



Upcoming Events

We plan on selling our goods at upcoming KAUST community events.

Tools are available for sale if needed.

If you need any knitting or crochet tools, please contact:

Ghadeer Hasanin ghadeer.hasanin@thekaustschool.org


Stitch Club Charter

You can review the club charter here.


President: Ghadeer Hasanin

Treasurer: Yasmeen Abuzeid