Precious Plastic KAUST (PPK) is a 100% volunteer-based community group in KAUST that aims to empower people to drive for sustainable change and to provide them with the necessary tools to do so. We raise awareness about plastic pollution problems, while offering opportunities to recycle the plastic we gather from inside the KAUST community into reusable products.  


Location: Averda recyling center, KAUST

Membership: No membership fee.

For enquiries contact us:  President  - Pim Arora: and/or Vice president – Craig Combe: 


Precious Plastic KAUST Programs 


Trainings – At our workshop space (in the Recycle Center), we offer trainings to use the basic machines needed to recycle the plastic gathered from the community. Once a member has been trained, they are able to access the workshop to create products, including for their own projects. 


Volunteering - Join us, learn a lot and help us spread the word! 


  •          Help us run our space by sorting plastic, organizing the space
  • Get trained and help us prepare the shred plastic for our workshops 

  • Get involved with our awareness and/production workshops 

  • Propose an idea that you want to try out using the workspace 



Production Workshops 


We offer workshops to create many colorful products made out of 100% plastic from our community. Products encourage members to share creativity in design and a community to discuss any projects we want to participate in. 



Where do we meet? 


We meet at the Precious Plastic Workshop in the Reuse Center or The KAUST School Design Hub. These places are where our equipment and materials are stored. 


Get involved! 


At Precious Plastic, we know that real change comes from people like you. We're building a recycling system that thrives on collaboration. We're excited to invite you to our training sessions and volunteer opportunities. 

To view our club charter please click here: Charter of PRECIOUS PLASTIC KAUST Community Club.docx

Group Officers

President  - Pim Arora 

Vice president – Craig Combe 

Treasurer  - Lana Schwan 

Secretary  - Ruben Martins Da Costa 

Membership Coordinator - Rana Gawagy 

Outreach officers: Natalie Wildermann, Zulma Lopez, Dima Alrifai and Sandy Hung.