Welcome to KAUST Program

The Welcome to KAUST program focuses on new families that are relocating into the KAUST community. The goal is to build their awareness and knowledge of the KAUST community before they arrive, and helping them to settle quickly when they get here.

The program offers activities and events for the new families to learn about the community and start to get to know other community members.

We are always looking for Welcome Buddies to support new families during their relocation and once they arrive at KAUST.  We are keen to match families with buddies who have similar backgrounds or interests.

If you would like to get involved with this program, please e-mail getengaged@kaust.edu.sa


Community Development

  • The ‘Welcome To KAUST’ program has helped 529 new KAUST arrivals since its launch in September 2020, and currently has 45 active volunteers helping our new residents settle into KAUST.
  • 66 Community Representatives have been recruited, each representing and supporting their own neighborhood.
  • 62 average weekly visitors to the Teen Space (*March-June)
  • 54 interns in the WISE 2020 program, across 19 different University departments.  This was a big achievement as all internships were undertaken fully online due to the COVID restrictions at the time.
  • 770 pets currently registered in the community, consisting of 469 cats and 283 dogs.
  • 27 registered and active Community Clubs, offering a wide range of activities, hobbies and sports for the community to take part in.