The Art Club’s goal is to create an Art Center for the KAUST community. The Art Center will be both a community hub for art related events, classes, and workshops, and a place where group members can work on their own projects.

Listening to music is a lifestyle, enjoyment, and gives good vibes. Mixing music as a Discjockey is leveling up this experience. The Ministry of Discjockeys (MoDJs) community club organizes members with an interest in combining music with technology, mixing recorded music, Lightjockey, MC moderation and creating music.

The Music Club is established to organize community members with a general interest in music and musical performance within the community, showcasing talent in the region as well as promoting cultural awareness and exchange through various organized events.

Photography Club is actively promoting all forms of photography amongst the KAUST Community. It is providing education and disseminating information on matters related to Photography, including for example training and proper use of equipment.