Movement Club promotes genres of movement within the KAUST Community. Movement Club is providing an environment where participants are able to extend upon their current skill levels in movement genres. Movement Club intends to develop an understanding of the interest of the KAUST Community in different genres expressive movement and strive to find qualified teachers and interested members of the Community to fulfill this need.

Membership is open to the KAUST community. If interested, please visit us.

Summer Staycation Update!


The Movement club will continue some of their dance classes as usual for adults. The club's calendar can be accessed here. Registration for the children's classes will be on September 2nd until September 8th. 



Adult Classes

Adult classes are ongoing throughout the year and open to the entire KAUST community. Most classes are walk-in but some require registration. Please check the calendar for more details about each class. The class fees are paid directly to the teacher.


Children’s Classes

Children’s classes require registration and payment by semester. We follow the school calendar and hold registrations twice a year. Usually around September and again in January. Announcement for registration is usually made in the Lens, our Facebook group, KAUST Community Facebook group and the Community Life webpage so watch for those announcements to register your child.



All classes are held in the Harbor Sports Club dance studio.


Shows and Events

At the end of every school year, we hold our annual recital show which showcases all the hard work of our teachers and students in a truly amazing recital. We also participate in many events around campus in liaison with community life and the various organizations of KAUST.

Check out our videos from previous recitals below.


SDG 2018


SDG 2019

Club Charter

Please find the club charter here for more information on how we run the club.

  • Group Officers

    • President - Rea Osman
    • Communications - Justine Braguy
    • Secretary/Advisor - Nicole Laws