Pet Services

Pets are welcome members of the family in many KAUST homes. In an effort to support healthy pets, healthy families, and a healthy community, pet ownership at KAUST is regulated, a veterinarian and grooming service regularly visits KAUST, and a dog run is available. 

All pets must be registered on an annual basis. Pet owners are now able to register or re-register online using this form.  

For further information, you may email: or call/WhatsApp +966-54 470 1671, (weekdays 9 am to 12 noon - Tuesdays and Saturdays until 5 pm). 


Pet Sitting

Community Life is pleased to share a compiled list of pet sitters. This will help pet owners find an available sitter.

Final arrangements will be made between the pet owner and the pet sitter. Community Life will not be involved in these arrangements. The goal of publishing this list is to simply connect potential pet sitters with pet owners.

Community members who are 18 or older and are interested in listing their services as pet sitter can complete this form.

The Family and Child Support Center (FCSC) is a service based in KAUST that supports children and young people aged 18 months to 18 years who have additional needs. The Center supports children with any diagnosed or undiagnosed needs across a range of neurodiverse conditions including Autism, Dyslexia, emotional or behavioral needs. 

The Family and Child Support Center has been developed following the great initiative from parents in the KAUST community who need these support services to help their children educationally, developmentally, behaviorally, emotionally and socially. The Center will work closely with families to develop the support services and activities that people want and need.

The Family and Child Support Center is based in the community building EEC3 near to The KAUST School elementary and secondary school campus and it offers:

A therapeutic service area which has individualized rooms where clinical assessments and individual intervention services can be provided. This area also has specialized rooms for the delivery of Occupational Therapy (OT) and Speech and Language services (SLP), a private waiting room, an open reception area and further rooms which will be developed as demand grows for specialist services. (Punctuation checkup)

A parent and family room where people can come together for peer support either through specific and timetabled support groups or on an ad hoc basis. This room offers comfortable seating and refreshments.

A sensory experience room which will offer both individual and group-based experiences for young people with additional needs. This room is being designed by market specialists and is expected to be open for use by December 2022.

Two activity rooms:

  • One of the activity rooms will have comfortable seating, a TV screen, a PlayStation, arts/crafts and toys and will be a place for children and young people to use.
  • The second activity room will be used interchangeably for delivering parenting programs, running activities for children and young people as well as hosting planned events.
Longer term, there are ideas around developing the outdoor area linked to the Family and Child Support Center. 

International Animal Care Vet Services (at the clinic)

International Animal Care is an independent operator that provides veterinary services at the port-a-cabin vet clinic.

What to know when visiting the Vet Clinic

  • Hours: Tuesdays and Saturdays 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. by appointment only (no walk-ins permitted).
  • The Pet shop is open Tuesdays and Saturdays from 10 am to 3 pm.
  • All cats must be in a carrier.
  • All dogs must wear a muzzle.
  • Payment for most vet services and supplies must be made by CARD. However, some supplies are available for CASH.

Booking an Appointment

An individual vet appointment must be booked for each animal.  In the booking system, select the needed service, then select an available appointment time.  (This will be the arrival time for your appointment). Once you have completed all your bookings, the total time required for all of your services will be reserved for you and blocked out on the booking calendar. (If the total time needed for your appointment conflicts with another scheduled appointment, you will need to choose a different time/day.

More about IAC:

  • For Emergency Services call 9200 11 973 (10 am to 10 pm)
  • The Vet clinic is located in the Central Services District near the Transportation Building 1 and Central Laundry building (see map image below).


Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 9.25.30 AM

Aussie Pet Mobile - Grooming Service

The Aussie Pet Mobile grooming service is an independent operator that provides mobile pet grooming and vet services.

The Aussie Pet Mobile use products that are environmentally friendly and provide a highly organized, professional    PetMobileapproach to animal grooming. 

Booking an Appointment

Appointments can be made by phone or WhatsApp at 05664-46670

Note: Aussie Pet Mobile does not visit KAUST for a single appointment but will arrange to visit several KAUST households on the same day. 

Royal Pet – Vet and Grooming Services

Royal Pet provides vet and grooming services via a van that will come directly to your house.

They work on the following general schedule and specific appointment times can be arranged directly through the    company:

  • Sunday – Grooming Service from 3:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.
  • Wednesday – Grooming Service from 3:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.
  • Thursday – Vet Service from 3:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.

Booking an Appointment

Appointments with Royal Pet can be made on WhatsApp or over the phone between 1.00 P.M. – 9.00 P.M. daily at 05955-59758. Learn more about Royal Pet.

Guidelines for the Ownership of Pets in the Community

The Guidelines are provided to support responsible pet ownership and ensure a safe environment for everyone. Pet owners are responsible to read and adhere to the  Guidelines for the Ownership of Pets in the Community which covers areas including:

  • Required registration and annual re-registration of pets
  • Maximum number and types of permitted pets
  • Pet import and final exit information
  • Pet owner responsibilities relating to pet behavior
  • Handling of lost and trapped pets
  • Rehoming of pets
  • And more…

If you are planning to bring a pet to KAUST or adopt a pet, please be aware of the species that are allowed in the community.  All pets must be registered within 5 days of arriving at KAUST. Animals that are found not to be registered may be treated as strays.

Pet Registration

All pets must be registered on an annual basis. Pet owners are now able to register or re-register online using this form. 

Pet owners need to upload the following information/documentation on the form: 

  • Sponsor’s KAUST ID 

  • Pet photo 

  • Up to date vaccination records and proof of microchipping (if applicable) 

A large dog run is available for dogs to run, play and socialize. The area includes seating and shade for dog owners. The Dog Run is located next to the Stadium and there is ample parking available. Please see the map below.


Dog Run




Guidelines & Forms


  • Pet Ownership & Registration: If you have any queries about pet ownership and registration, please e-mail the Petcare Team at or call/WhatsApp +966-54 470 1671, (weekdays 9 am to 12 noon - Tuesdays and Saturdays until 5 pm).
  • Booking an IAC appointment: Book an appointment with the IAC vet
  • Booking a Royal Pet Appointment: 05955-59758 (1.00 P.M. – 9.00 P.M. daily)
  • Booking an appointment with the Aussie Pet Mobile grooming service: Appointments can be made by calling 0566446670. 
  • Lost Pets: For any concerns related to lost pets, please contact the 959 Helpdesk for support, call 012 808 0959