KAUST Preschool

In partnership with Building Blocks


The KAUST Preschool by Building Blocks strives to create an encouraging learning environment where your child can learn, grow and develop to their fullest potential. The team aspires to place the first block in building a young generation of inquisitive minds, high self-esteem and strong critical-thinking children. 

The preschool provides a comprehensive early education experience for 3-year-olds, emphasizing holistic development in a secure and nurturing environment. With qualified educators, a well-rounded curriculum, and play-based learning, we foster essential skills for a child’s future success.

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Admissions open for the Year 2024-25

Registration is now open for children who turn 3 before August 2024 for the preschool. Register your child before March 31 2024, and receive a 20% discount on tuition fees.

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