Fishing Club

Have you always wanted to fish the beautiful waters around KAUST but did not know where to start? Have you ever wondered what fish species were available to catch and how to fish for them? Well wonder no more! The KAUST Fishing Club is now established with the aim of giving people the knowledge, skills and expertise they need to enjoy fishing in this beautiful environment.

From small Snappers to Giant Trevally, KAUST offers every type of challenge that you could hope for. From the novice angler looking for some fun, to the more experienced angler seeking to challenge themselves further, the waters around KAUST cater for everyone.

Sign up now to become a member of this exciting club where you can learn more about:

  • New and club exclusive fishing waters
  • Fish species and the strategies needed to catch them
  • Environmental responsibility and sustainability
  • Data collection and research



Membership Fees
Currently no membership fees.

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The coastal areas of KAUST provide anglers of all types access to some of the most amazing fishing experiences anywhere in the world. The purpose of the club is to ensure that community members are aware of this fact and to support people within the community who would like to take the opportunity to explore this further.


Provide an environment and the means to improve our members fishing capabilities and success and to improve the sport fishing education of the community.

To encourage sustainable practices such as environmental care and catch and release where practical.

Membership and Fees

As the Fishing Club is a non-profit, self-directed group, there are currently no membership fees. At present, all waters permitted for fishing in KAUST have been approved by the HSE and can be fished by any person within KAUST. Membership is also open to people of all ages.

Please click on this link for an application form to become a member of the club. Once approved, you will be eligible to join all future workshops held by the club.

Operating Guidelines

  • Fishing courtesy and communication
  • Environmental responsibility and sustainability
  • Fishing techniques and strategies

Amendments to the Club Charter

Amendment to the charter occur during the AGM and have to be voted unanimously by the members of the board. If an amendment urgently needs to be assessed, an extraordinary meeting will be held in the best delays.

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Group Officers

Mohamad Alwan
Vice President
Gyorgy Horvath
Brad Traynor
Peter Castle
Head of Events
Patrick Horgan
Collin Williams

Fishing Competition held in October 2020