Community Clubs | Two Blocks Down Volleyball Club

Volleyball is a spectacular game which requires as physical preparations as tactical skills. Our club offers the training sessions for the beginners as well as for amateur players to hone their performance. Furthermore, a disciplined approach to volleyball trainings grants an ability to enjoy the game with a significant personal progress.

Now only basic training sessions are available, however, we plan to form an advanced league in future.


Gardens Secondary School gymnasium,
Every Thursday from 18.00 to 21.00

The trainings are free of charge.

For Inquiries Contact Us
Phone: 054 5654 308
  • Events and Activities

    Every session starts with an intensive warm-up, then we learn and practice some game elements. In the end we traditionally have training game series.

    Where We Meet

    Gardens Secondary School gymnasium every Thursday from 18.00 to 21.00.

    How To Join

    All the relevant information about the training schedule and any changes in it you may find in a Telegram channel Discussions and suggestions are welcomed in our group chat

    Membership Fees

    The trainings are free of charge.

    Group Officer

    Artem Shushanian

    Murtadha Al Malallah