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WRITING CLUB is a community club in KAUST with the aim of bringing aspiring young writers together to think of ideas and write and help each other grow. 

Not a writer but an avid reader? You are heartily welcome to join the club. 

Anybody interested in writing and reading, from the age of 16 and above, can be a member of this club. 




Building 3 Level 2 desert side open space


It’s free of cost! The only charge is your valuable time and active participation. 

For Inquiries Contact Us
Phone: 056 510 5153



We have two major goals-

1. Publishing a literary magazine named The Pen القلم  .                

2. Monthly gathering


The magazine:

Writing Club is delighted to announce the launch of its first ever art magazine in KAUST, titled The Pen القلم .                

We invite the whole KAUST community (Age 16+) to submit their original writings in the form of poems, stories, short play, articles, or even paintings and photographs. The accepted materials will be published in the magazine. The submission is free of charge.

We have an interesting section in the magazine: Anonymous Writers


Here you can write anonymously!

Writing can be a good escape from frustration, mental restlessness, guilty feelings, etc.

Do you want to surprise someone with a poetic expression dedicated to him/her?

Are you feeling guilty for something but can't express it to anyone?

Are you feeling frustrated or even useless in life and getting no listener or you are scared of being judged?

Are you trying to confess your feelings but are stuck somewhere for some reason?

Writing club is presenting an opportunity to express your thoughts anonymously in the upcoming magazine The Pen.

Submit your thoughts in the form of letters, poems, or just some sentences via this form:

Link: Anonymous Writing

The last date for the submission to the magazine: Always Open

Submit for the magazine here: Submit Here


Monthly gathering:

We meet the last Thursday evening at 7 pm every month. 

The venue of the gathering is Building 3 Level 2 desert side open space. It may change depending on special occasion, and will be notified to all members accordingly.  

We invite all aspiring writers and artists to come and share their works, thoughts and participate in discussions. Even anyone who has a keen interest in reading can also participate in this meeting. This will be a casual meeting, not a formal event. Hence, there should not be any hesitation about how our writing will sound to others. The meeting is for getting constructive feedback and helping each other grow. 

At the gathering, we also have a theme "share your culture". Here, members can talk about where they come from, how their culture is, etc. This is for having a glimpse of the whole world. This is beneficial for any writer. They may write an essay about their country and culture, and read it to all in the meeting, or submit it for the magazine as well.



If you would like to find out more about Writing Club and/or are interested in joining the Club, please contact Dr. Malek at  or WhatsApp +966 565105153. Please fill out this form for joining free of cost: Form

We also plan to host paid creative-writing classes for the ages 14-18 in the near future. Please feel free to reach out to us.