Ministry of DJs

Listening to music is a lifestyle and enjoyment, and it gives good vibes. Mixing music as a Discjockey is leveling up this experience.

The Ministry of Discjockeys (MoDJs) community club organizes members with an interest in combining music with technology, mixing recorded music, Lightjockey, MC moderation, and creating music.




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The Objective of the Club

The MoDJs club’s primary objective is to support the KAUST community by providing a hub for club members to have access to DJ equipment for practicing and learning from each other’s skills and techniques to grow as a DJ. We can provide instructional courses on DJ techniques, like song transitions, scratching, and moderation.

 Another major part of the club’s mission is playing DJ-mixed music at public events. We also co-perform with other musicians and stage performers at KAUST.


  • Gathering & having fun by mixing & hearing music
  • Ensure equipment and space is available for members to practice
  • Teaching new club members DJ techniques
  • Organizing live performances on campus


What we provide

  • Space and equipment to practice our craft
  • Input into groups and committees organizing live events at KAUST
  • Instructional courses on DJ techniques (song transitions, scratching, public announcements, the composition of new songs, etc.)
  • Supporting stage performers with equipment and sound
  • Networking opportunities

Membership and Fees

Your enthusiasm, engagement, and active participation during events have more value to us than any membership fee.


Weekly Gathering

Thursdays from 6 pm till late

ECC 3, Music Room


Club Charter

Please find the club charter here for more information on how we run the club.


Ralph Timmermeester