Foodies Club

The purpose of the club is to experience the vibrant and culturally rich food options in our diverse community. We would like to unite foodies-club-logothrough food.

Membership is open to all KAUST community. There will be opportunity for club members to modify their membership as per their needs.


Membership Fees

100 SAR Annual membership.

For Inquiries Contact Us

Phone: 808 3484

Purpose of Foodies Club

  • Community courses
  • Cooking classes with professionals
  • Food swaps
  • Field trips

Members will have opportunities in Specific Interests

  • Parent and child cooking session
  • Healthy Eating
  • Veg at KAUST
  • Bread Making & Baking
  • Collaborate with the gardening group

Membership and Fees

The club is open to all community members. There will be opportunities for club members to modify their membership as per their needs.

  • Meet the expectations
  • Manage the logistics of the club activities ( Food swaps, cooking classes, food field trips and food stall in community events)
  • Starting with 30-35 registered members we are expanding everyday
  • Annual membership is 100 SAR
  • Community led classes will have a nominal charge of 20 SAR/class
  • Chef led classes will have a charge based on the expenses of the class
  • All chef-led classes will have limited spaces for non-members on a different rate than members

Formal Meetings of the Club

  • Community-led classes every 6 weeks
  • Chef led classes twice a year
  • Field trip every 3 months
  • Food swap every 4 weeks

Communication and marketing of the Club

  • Club has created a closed Facebook page with the intention of Sharing recipes
  • Sharing all information about the events
  • Lens postings


Decision Making

All decisions will be made by the club officers after discussion with club members.

Group Officers

Sadiqa Siddique
Miriam Cid
Nada Aljassim
Parent & Child Foodies
Indira Cornel
Baking Foodies
Daria Lapentok

All club members are required to volunteer as needed.