The Yoga Community Club is dedicated to providing yoga, health, and wellness classes for the benefit of KAUST community members.

Membership is open to the KAUST community. If interested, please visit us.



  • Provide various levels and styles of yoga classes
  • Organize events and activities that promote health and wellness
  • Provide a supportive environment for all students, respecting cultural norms and focusing on student needs
  • Work with qualified community instructors to grow and support a yoga, health, and wellness community
  • Work with community members to provide new opportunities or classes
  • Collaborate with studios and instructors outside of KAUST to promote a shared learning community within KSA and the region



All KAUST community members can take part in the Yoga Community Club, and participation is highly encouraged. Any community members or visitors can pay a fee to join a Yoga Club class on a drop in basis. The fee of the yoga club classes is 20 sar for students and 30 sar for dependents and staff members of the KAUST community. A percentage of these proceeds go toward the Yoga Club for equipment, outfitting, and miscellaneous items. Members that have active roles, e.g. president, treasurer, marketing, etc. and regular teaching instructors do not pay for Yoga Club classes.



Vinyasa - focusing on linking the breath with movement, students move through their practices in various poses that support strength, flexibility, and body awareness.

Yin - a slow-paced "cooling" practice, yin practice focuses on stretching and relaxing between the muscles and holds relaxing postures between 30 seconds and five minutes.


Melissa Manuel

Mel is an e-RYT 500 and YACEP instructor in ashtanga, vinyasa, and hatha yoga. She has trained worldwide receiving her diplomas in India, Bulgaria, and Qatar. As a certified yoga teacher training she has worked with various yoga studios, multinational fitness organizations, and royalty. In addition, Mel is a certified gymnastics coach, circus artist instructor, and fitness trainer, and combines her knowledge to support yoga student practice and development. As an instructor Mel aims to create a comfortable and engaging environment that allows students to learn about movement and their bodies in a healthy and happy way.

Lisa Pongpiriyaporn

Lisa is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and completed her 200-hr training with All Yoga in Bali in 2018. She has practiced yoga for many years and sees yoga as a way for individuals to look inwards, be more physically & mentally self-aware, and to develop acceptance and love for your physical body. Lisa is also a qualified Ballet teacher and has studied Anatomy & Physiology. This helps her to understand and notice correct alignment and make modifications for poses so everyone can access the class. Lisa welcomes anyone to her class. If you are curious about Yoga, just come and try!


Formal meetings are called by the president to discuss scheduling, equipment, finances, etc. The secretary or designate will take minutes and minutes will be shared via email by the president.

Decisions are made collaboratively with the input of all participating club members. Final decisions are made and disseminated by the president.

Officers will normally be elected on an annual basis at the end of the academic year. Yoga instructors are normally exempt from the president and treasurer roles.

Operating Guidelines

The Yoga Club will be guided by the president in consultation with executive members and instructors. All instructors must be trained/certified depending on the classes being taught. All participating club members are expected to behave appropriately with regards to working collaboratively, respecting the input of members and students. All executive members are expected to be organized and keep accurate records for the Yoga Club, Community Life, and successors.

Instructors are expected to be punctual to class and ensure a positive student experience focused on student needs. Instructors are expected to respect cultural norms. Failure of instructors to adhere to good conduct may result in removal of the Yoga Club.

Club Charter

Please find the club charter here for more information on how we run the club.

Group Officers

David Pugh
Melissa Manuel

Join Us!

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