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Aikido Pajamas was founded to bring together practitioners of aikido and those who want to learn. Aikido is a relatively soft martial art, which is why people of all ages and abilities are welcome to join. However, aikido requires persistent practice. Therefore, we ask members to attend regularly so that they can build on the basic movements to learn more complicated techniques.  


About Aikido 


Aikido is a Japanese martial art that focuses on using the opponent’s strength and momentum to neutralize an attack. The goal is to stop the opponent without hurting them, and it is the responsibility of the practitioner to impose just enough power and no more to end the fight. The art emphasizes forming a connection with the opponent and teaches a practitioner to control the two bodies efficiently. We learn how to leverage our bodies so that we can disarm people of any size.  This is done without any punching or kicking, but there is a whole lot of rolling. 




Currently, we have reserved two slots at the Harbor dojo: Mondays 19:00-20:30 and Fridays 9:00-10:30, but we are negotiating more time so that we can begin a children’s class and a beginner’s class. Classes are already ongoing.  


How to join?


If you would like more about the Club, please contact Peter Karagiannis at peter.karagiannis@kaust.edu.sa or Craig Michell at craig.Michell@kaust.edu.sa (Craig is friendlier). 


Membership fees


There will be a 100 SAR initiation fee and a 200 SAR monthly fee. The fees are mostly to keep people motivated to participate but also to support purchases for aikido equipment and travel to other dojos in the Middle East, charity efforts promoted by KAUST (such as during Ramadan) and other purposes agreed on at club meetings. 


Club charter


The Charter provides more information about how we run the Club.  You can see the club charter here.


Group officers


Craig Michell - President 

Peter Karagiannis - Treasurer