Red Sea Dragon Boat Club

The Red Sea Dragon Boat Club strives to promote the sport of Dragon Boat racing. The Red Sea Dragon Boat Club encourages the KAUST redseadragonboat-logoCommunity to participate as a means for cultural exposure as well as promote physical fitness. Join us to enjoy the spirit of enthusiasm and involvement when being part of a Dragon Boat Crew.

Membership is open to the KAUST community, approved service providers and graduates. If interested visit us at Marine Operations Center down from the Al Marsa Yacht Club.

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Phone: 054 470 0741

Brief History of Dragon Boat Racing

Dragon Boat Racing can be traced back 2,500 years in Central Southern China. Races were conducted as a ritual during festivals to honor the Dragon Water Diety for fertile crops and a prosperous harvest. Now, dragon boat racing is popular throughout the globe and is a competitive sport. From Australia, the Middle East, as well as Europe and America, dragon boat racing is soon becoming a fan favorite.

Parts of the Crew

On a traditional dragon boat crew, there are 22 people total; 20 paddlersa drummer, and a sweeper/steerer.

The paddlers sit forward and paddle to the beat of the drummer.
The drummers sets a beat to the pace to set the speed of the boat.
The sweeper/steerer controls the direction of the boat using an oar fixed to the left side of the boat. Working together, these "parts" of the crew can paddle their way to victory.



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Group Officers

Salim Bougouffa
054 470 0741
Deputy Director
Ian Shore

Sultan Ahmed

Special Committee
Ann Bauwens