New Guidelines for Registration and Ownership of Pets

22 May, 2023

Community Life is pleased to inform pet owners at KAUST that the Guidelines for Ownership of Pets have been updated.  

These guidelines have been revised to reflect the community's needs while keeping pets' health and well-being a priority. 

All pet owners at KAUST are responsible for reading and understanding the new Guidelines for Ownership of Pets linked below and for registering their pets.  


These are the main changes to the guidelines: 

  1. One-time Registration 
    Pet owners only need to register their pets once. They no longer need to reregister them every year. Registration of pets is through this form.  Please register all your pets using the above link. You are exempt from this one time process if you have already registered your pet in 2023.  

  1. Final Exit Process 
    Pet owners must de-register their pets upon departure. If you are not taking your pets with you and they have a new owner, please make sure that they are registered under the new owner’s name before departure.  

  1. Fee Waiver 
    Free Registration. No fee is required to register your pets. 

  1. Pets to Register 
    Registration applies only to cats and dogs.  

  1. Failure to Comply 
    May result in disciplinary action. 


For more information, please visit