Internal moves

As residents review the internal move options available to them, it should be noted that the services considers assignment type and unit location against availability and eligibility as provided Human Resources Policy and/or terms or guidelines that govern non-KAUST residents' accommodation provision. Depending on the periodic availability of options, residents may be offered a choice of units to consider.


Residents are invited to participate in a ‘bidding’ process to move to a new unit if a resident’s household size changes to meet their new eligibility status.

The bidding process is based on the periodic availability of vacant units. Residents who have requested to participate in the bidding process and those eligible for a unit change are invited to take part. Once preferences are entered, a system based on HR housing policy automatically generates new assignments using an algorithm based on Grade code and length of stay to create points.

Upgrades, Downgrades or Eligibility Changes

Resident moves outside the bidding process may also be carried out to meet HR policy requirements. For example changes in circumstances affecting residents initially arriving at KAUST without their spouse or families living in shared units.

Following a change of circumstances and confirmation of unit availability of type required, residents are offered a unit. A minimum notice of 1 month is required to allow for unit preparation.

The Accommodation Services team may notify residents, or residents can be proactive and make a request to upgrade in alignment with HR policy eligibility.

More information in FAQs

Planning your move

1. Invitation

Congratulations you have received your new unit assignment!

Please accept a calendar invitation for a pre-departure inspection.

2. Pre-departure inspection

Accommodation Services representative attends with available member of the Horticulture, Maintenance, Materials Management and Key Control teams.

3. Inspection

  • Furniture
  • Garden   
  • Building repairs
  • Kitchen and electrical equipment
  • KAUST IT equipment
  • Home Improvement Requests

4. After the inspection

Acknowledge the results of the inspection and visit Housing Services to collect the remote controls and keys.


Your Unit - | 959

  • Request early pre-departure inspection at least 3 weeks before move date to check for any action items.
  • Reasonable wear and tear factored into assessments.
  • Any maintenance items addressed by raising FM helpdesk tickets.

Your Garden - | 959

Confirm any extra work required by emailing the Horticulture team.

Your Furniture | 959

Any charges over and above inevitable wear and tear are guided by a schedule of costs.

Contact the Materials Management team for items of concern following pre-departure inspection.


Charges are avoidable with early planning and action and only apply to items deemed the result of wilful damage, misuse or negligence.

Here to Help

  • Up to 10 boxes free from Materials Management.
  • Get packing help from Housekeeping.
  • Call 959 for service requests.