​​​Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need to sign a Housing Agreement?

The Housing Agreement is important in providing residents an awareness of their responsibilities and confirms our commitments as a service.​

Does my soft pack include bed linens for all beds?

Bed linen including sheets, duvet and duvet cover, pillows and pillow cases are provided for arriving resident.​

Can I choose the furniture that goes into my house?
Residential units are allocated furnished. Furniture not required by the resident may be returned.

What are the typical bed sizes?
There are 3 types of bed sizes provided in residential units including single size beds (200 by 120 cm), queen size beds (200 by 150 cm) and king size beds (200 by 180 cm).

How much do I pay for rent?
Rental rates are dependent on contractual agreements with employers on behalf of their employees. Please refer to your employer to confirm applicable rental rates.

Can I ask for a smaller house than I was allocated?
Assignment of units to new residents is based upon the future resident’s eligibility and household size. As a household grows, residents will be required to move to a new unit if available. There are also sharing options available for individuals living in KAUST without families.

Can I see the actual house I will be living in instead of a layout or a typical house type?
The layouts of each unit type are uniform, however the color scheme may differ. Images of a typical unit will therefore offer a true picture of the layout and features of the unit. Before a resident’s arrival a process of unit preparation takes place which may not provide enough time before the resident arrives for a viewing of the actual unit.

Can I choose the location of my house?
Suggestions are welcome however whilst unit assignment as far as possible seeks to meet a new resident’s preferences, as occupancy levels and requirements change there are restrictions to the ability to meet specific requests.

I am moving to a new house in KAUST, will everything be given again?

The items that need to be left in your old unit include the items on the inventory form of your old unit or approved adopted items such as outdoor water taps and additional plugs, as part of the Home Improvement Program process. You may move with soft pack items, as these are provided once upon a resident’s arrival at KAUST.

How much does housekeeping and gardening cost?
Housekeeping and landscaping services are available and charged at an hourly rate to all residents from approximately USD 7 an hour. These services are arranged by the resident to suit requirement.

What types of floors do the housing units have?
All residential units have tiled floors including ceramic and marble tiles.

Does all housing have gardens?
The availability of a garden is dependent upon unit type and varies in size. There are many public open spaces however close to all housing.

Can I bring my pet?
Residents may have a maximum of two cats and dogs living with them at any one time and may also keep a maximum of two small indoor or outdoor birds or hamsters in appropriately sized cages. Residents may also keep fish in tanks appropriate for the numbers kept. Cats and dogs are not permitted in apartment buildings. Venomous or non-domesticated animals are not allowed as pets.​​