Jeddah Hospital Bus Schedule Adjustments

24 November, 2020

​Effective December 06, 2020, the schedule of off-campus bus routes to Jeddah medical centers will be adjusted to ensure operational efficiency and to meet the current demands. The bus routes to Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Medical Center and My Clinic will be merged to a single route which cover all medical centers.

The new merged route will travel from KAUST to International Medical Center (IMC) via Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Medical Center (DSFMC), My Clinic, and Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital (DSFH).

The Jeddah hospital bus should not be used for non-medical appointment purposes at this time. To use Jeddah hospital buses, patients must show the driver a confirmed appointment letter. 

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For more information, visit the bus services webpage or contact the transportation helpdesk team at 012 808-5222 or

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