Bus Services

Bus Services

On-demand service

Operates 7 days a week from 6:30 A.M. to 1:00 A.M.

The on-demand bus comes when you need it and takes you where you want to go in campus and residential areas of KAUST.  

Tips to consider when using the on-demand bus: 

  • Remember you can book for multiple passengers – and you don’t even need to be one of them. You can book a ride for a family member without joining them on the bus. 
  • A smartphone is not required to book a trip with the on-demand bus; you can call the Saptco helpdesk for booking assistance at 012-808-5222 between  6:00 A.M.and 1:00 A.M.  
  • Book a little ahead of time. For example, if you want a bus to pick you up as close to 5:10 as possible, don’t wait until 5:10 to make your request – start making your request at 5:00. 

To use the on-demand bus, download the Rekab app available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store


Shuttle services

A wide range of University shuttle buses are available to provide for the transportation requirements of the KAUST Community, with seven major regular bus routes within KAUST.  Shuttle buses are color-coded as blue, orange, green, gray, purple, red, and yellow with specific routes that will take you across campus. Bus stops are within 250 meters walking distance of each house or facility. All buses pass by major locations such as KAUST Health, Tamimi Supermarket, and Buildings 16, 14, and 18. 

Schedule and routes:

The colored bus shuttle service is suspended until further notice.

Off-Campus Bus (2).jpg

Off-campus buses have been temporarily suspended (excluding to Jeddah hospital & Work Haul).

49-seater coach buses are available for shopping trips, which cover the major shopping malls located in Jeddah such as the Red Sea Mall, Mall of Arabia, and many others. Buses are also available for pilgrimage trips to Makkah and Madinah, for KAUST community members and visitors who hold a valid KAUST photo ID.  

Please note:

  • Drop Off & Pickup Point in Makkah is Aisha-Mosque.
  • Drop Off & Pickup Point in Madinah is Bilal Mosque.
  • All Off-Campus Trips injection to the system depending on Government official announcement about Eid /holy months starting and ending dates.


    Off-Campus Bus Booking:

    Work Haul Schedule 

    ​J SQUARE (near Camel roundabout)
    ​6:20 AM
    ​6:50 AM
    ​BLDG. 16
    ​5:00 PM         
    ​5:10 PM

    Jeddah Medical buses DSFMC, My Clinic, DSFH & IMC "Effective Dec 6, 2020" (Saturday - Thursday)

    Operates using the large gold bus

     Medical bus schedule
    ​Departure from KAUST
    ​Return From IMC
    ​Return from DSFH
    ​Return from My Clinic
    ​Return from DSFMC

    Note: Above timing might get affected due to high traffic, during public holidays and weekends.

    Anyone using the Jeddah hospital buses to and from Jeddah needs to show the driver their confirmed appointment letter.  This applies to using the bus to return to KAUST – the bus should not be used for non-medical appointment purposes at this time. 

    An online reservation and confirmation are required to guarantee your seat on all trips and the bus departure point for all trips is located opposite Tamimi Supermarket.

    Learn more:


    Information, Enquiries, and Working Hours
    KAUST also provides a Special Events Bus Service. For inquiries regarding this service please contact a member of the team.

    If it is a sub service then select its parent service otherwise don't select any service.

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