Brand the Bus Winners

22 November, 2020

Have you seen the new buses around the community?

Recently, Community Life launched a bus-branding competition to showcase some of the best creative talents in our community. The first place winning design by Stevi Zois was selected as it incorporates elements unique to KAUST and has a fun and positive feeling. The judges awarded second place to the Students for Sustainability design because of the important message of respect for the planet and its resources. Most of our new buses will feature Stevi’s winning design while two of the new buses will showcase the design proposed by Students for Sustainability.

About the First Place Design

Stevi, who is the Director of Marketing for Red Sea Farms, was inspired by current global events, including anti-racism efforts and the COVID-19 pandemic. Her design was motivated, in particular, by her appreciation for the front-line pandemic workers, especially nurses, for their heroic work throughout the pandemic. 
The design demonstrates how our appreciation for diversity and respect here at KAUST is part of our DNA.

About the Second Place Design

Three passionate members of Students for Sustainability, Natalia Odnoletkova, Eman Alhajji, and Bashir Hasanov, came together to creatively propose a design about what brought us all here: inspiring discoveries to address global challenges. The group advocates for addressing global challenges in a holistic way through the concept of sustainable living. Their hope is that the community will be inspired to reflect upon the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and how to incorporate sustainability into their daily lives, when they see the bus. Their design was also inspired by the three pillars of Community Life: People, Place and Pride shown in how the children, our best hope for the future, support the planet with respect and care.


A successful collaboration: For the community, by the community

After their designs were selected, Community Life worked with the winners to finalize it to the specific requirements. Thank you to Stevi Zois, Natalia Odnoletkova, Eman Alhajji, and Bashir Hasanov, for your creative contribution to our community. These buses are now seen by scores of people across KAUST every day in a celebration of KAUST creativity.