Bus Branding Competition

Brand the Bus Competition

 Posted on May 22, 2020


Have you ever wanted to see your artwork drive past you? Here is your chance! 

Community Life is launching a bus branding competition to showcase some of the best creative talents in our community. The competition aims to showcase KAUST creativity via this visible aspect of everyday life in the community.  

Requirements and guidance: 

  • You can submit your design concept in whatever format you see fit. If your design is selected, we will work with you to finalize it to the specific requirements. 
  • Applicants must be aged 14 or over and be KAUST residents. 
  • Design concept must be in keeping with the Community Life look and feel. Here are our brand guidelines
  • Be creative and appropriate. Your messages will be seen by hundreds of people across KAUST every day! 
  • Community Life reserves the right to utilize elements, make edits, and add messaging to any design received.  
  • If your design concept is used, we will acknowledge your contribution publicly.  

Submit today! 

To participate in the competition, fill out your information, and upload your design proposal here

All proposals must be submitted on or before May 31. The lucky winner will be contacted by June 11. 

Looking forward to seeing your creative work. 

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Brand the Bus Competition