Living at KAUST

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Lugmety delivery services app is now available to KAUST residents as additional food and retail delivery option.

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The Lens

Internal website with the latest news from all around KAUST. Remember to subscribe to get daily email updates.

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Community Life Website

One-stop-shop for all Community Life information, events, services, and programs.

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Hungry Campus food delivery

Order food from KAUST restaurants online – for takeaway or delivery.

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KAUST Health Patient Portal

The Patient Portal provides online access to your KAUST Health medical information and appointment bookings.

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Vet Appointment Booking System

Book an appointment for your pet to be seen in the Vet Clinic.

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959 FM Call Center

Ask a question or raise a ticket to resolve issues related to your house or a facility.

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Many KAUST Community members connect via group or private messaging using WhatsApp.

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There are several official and unofficial Facebook presences. Search Facebook for your top interests to get connected.

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Employee Well-Being Program-ICAS

Our Employee Well-Being Program from ICAS is available for KAUST employees, family members, and University students. Live confidential counseling 24/7, whether you’re at home or at work.

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Postal Services

International inbound and outbound shipping services
Internal mail services, domestic inbound and outbound shipping services

Your Home

Care Taker Authorization

Going out of town? Assign a caretaker for your house.

Home Improvements

Are you interested in having modifications made to your house? Fill out the Home Improvement Form

The KAUST School

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is used by students at The KAUST School to access learning materials for all of their subject areas. These learning materials include assignments, activities, quizzes and videos.

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The PowerSchool Parent Portal is a window into school information for parents. It allows parents to engage with the school for each of their students using a single login.

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Provides parents with the ability to keep track of their children’s performance, view upcoming tasks and portfolio items, submit attendance excusals, and communicate directly with teachers for real time updates about their child’s academic standing.

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Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio that enables connection between students, parents, and teachers.

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