Dog Run


A large dog run is available for dogs to run, play and socialize. The area includes seating and shade for dog owners. The Dog Run is located next to the Stadium and there is ample parking available. Please see the map below





  • Pet Ownership & Registration: If you have any queries about pet ownership and registration, please e-mail the Petcare Team at
  • Booking an IAC appointment: Book an appointment with the IAC vet
  • Booking a Royal Pet Appointment: 05955-59758 (1.00 P.M. – 9.00 P.M. daily)
  • Booking an appointment with the Aussie Pet Mobile grooming service: Appointments can be made by calling 0566446670. 
  • Lost Pets: For any concerns related to lost pets, please contact the 959 Helpdesk for support, call 012 808 0959