Pest control & waste management

​Pest control service is available to all residents and covers a multitude of pest problems using both a proactive and reactive approach.​

The University is committed to an environmentally friendly waste management plan that includes a recycling and waste segregation program, a reuse center, environmental
awareness and confidential​ waste disposal - all supported by high-tech solutions to maintain best practices in waste management.

All residences are supplied with the following disposal bins to ensure optimum waste management:
  • Green two-wheeled bins – for organic matter
  • Blue two-wheeled bins – for recyclables
  • Black two-wheeled bins – for general use

In addition to the above, communal waste disposal areas are located throughout the community providing drop-off stations and disposal bins for recycling glass, cans, plastic and batteries. Negligent residents are sent memos, and those who properly segregate their waste are acknowledged.

The Reuse Center gives new life to old things that may not be needed or used anymore. Gently used clothing, kitchen utensils, electronics, furniture or any other unused item can be donated by visiting the Reuse Center or by arranging for them to be picked up from your home. These items are then segregated and sent to approved Charity associations in Thuwal and Jeddah. Located across the street from the Samba Bank branch at Discovery Square, the Reuse Center processes an average of 7,000 items of clothes, toys, kitchenware, books, etc. per year.



Information, Enquiries and Working Hours:
Waste collections are scheduled from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. every day for general waste. Collections for organic waste and recyclable materials are every other day.

Pest Control 


Tel:         ​  959 from a landline or (012) 8080 959 from mobile phone.

Waste Management and  Reuse Center


Tel:           (012) 808 6543