Housekeeping & laundry

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Housekeeping services provide daily, weekly, or monthly housekeeping services for all your residential cleaning needs.

Baby-sitting and nanny services for children older than three years, baby sitters with first aid qualifications are available.

For children between the ages of two months and three years, nannies certified as nurses with CPR and first aid qualifications are available.

These services can be requested through the Facilities & Community Helpdesk by dialing 959.

Dry cleaning and laundry services are available at two locations:​
  • Laundry Depot (inside Tamimi​​ Supermarket)​
  • Central Services District (opposite the Facilities Diner)
Maintenance and repairs provides a range of residential repair services free of change including: electrical, air conditioning, plumbing and drainage, structural, roofing, exterior painting, masonry, glass and glazing, and internal fittings and fixtures.​


Housekeeping Services
Tel:         (012) 808 5052 or 959

Baby-sitting and Nanny​ Services
Tel:      ​   959​

Laundry Depot (inside Tamimi Supermarket)
Tel:        (012) 802 4014

Central Services District (opposite the Facilities Diner)
Tel:       (012) 802 5445

Maintenance and Repairs 
Tel:      959​