Key Control

The Housing key control office is located at Discovery Square, facing the Samba Bank rear parking, and opposite the ground floor entrance to the Housing office. The service provides new, additional and replacement keys and the replaces faulty or damaged remote controls.


Residential Keys

Submit requests for additional or replacement lost or stolen key by e-mail to Please include: the requestor's name; KAUST ID number; and unit and / or room number.

Keys will not be delivered and may only be collected in person directly from the Housing Key Control Office. The loss or theft of any key is to be reported to the KAUST Security Services immediately.

A damaged or broken key will not be considered as lost if all pieces are returned to, or recovered by Housing Key Control and the key is identifiable as the key on record.  Charges for any additional keys or key duplication are the resident's responsibility.

For the full procedure and list of charges please refer to the Housing Key Control Procedure.