Single status staff members currently living on campus are eligible for shared accommodation, and can choose who they would like to live with. No rent will be applicable.

In our rich multi-cultural environment, we encourage potential sharers to meet each other to support and enrich the decision-making process.

Guidelines for Sharers

  • Any part of your unit shared with housemates is a common area and everyone’s privileges must be considered. Include housemates in any agreements made, good communication is key for a successful shared living experience.

Living Room, Dining Room and Corridors

  • Speak and work with your housemate before placing artwork or decorations in common areas.
  • Avoid noise and nuisance when walking along shared corridors.


  • Allocate kitchen cupboard spaces equitably and be considerate with the number and size of appliances on countertops.
  • Ensure clean surfaces after use and remove used items.
  • Keep the sink clean and available to other residents for washing kitchen utensils and food items.
  • Monitor food stored in the refrigerator for the health and safety.
  • Keep the dining room table and / or breakfast bar used as eating surfaces, clean and free of personal items.

Patios and Porches

  • Discuss before placing items in common areas or using personal furniture. Coming to an understanding before using housemates’ property helps avoid disagreements.
  • Agree on patio or porch use and comply with any agreement made.


  • Frequently dispose of rubbish in the bins provided.
  • Rubbish collected and left in the house results in an unpleasant living environment, encouraging pests.

General Conduct Code for Common Areas

  • Remain conscious of noise and unsociable hours.
  • Never infringe upon space shared with other people.
  • Cooperate, communicate and be considerate when sharing common areas.

Things to Note...

  • It is the responsibility of housemates to ensure common areas are kept clean and clear of clutter, and ensure that rubbish is taken out regularly.
  • Complaints received for poor housekeeping of shared areas may result in enforced housekeeping at the shared expense of all housemates.