Caring for your home

Simple tips for your home

  • Keep the Air Conditioning temperature set to 26°C (73.4°F).
  • Always close all windows and doors to avoid condensation and prevent the formation and growth of mold.
  • Swiftly report any maintenance issues to 959.
  • Uncover all floor drains in wet areas to prevent flooding in the event of a water leak - toilets, kitchen, wash rooms, laundry room and water heater room (if applicable).

If you notice any suspicious behavior in or around yours or your residence, please call 911 from a land-line, or 012 808 0911 from your mobile phone. 

Remember, it is a resident's responsibility to protect their home and belongings.

Home Improvement Program

KAUST offers a home to our residents with standard fixtures and fittings.

As most changes associated with the Home Improvement Program reflect personal preference, we remind residents of the need to return the unit to standard. This may come at a cost and it is always advisable to understand these costs of return to standard before proceeding with any proposal.

Requests for the removal of unauthorized installments will be made at a cost to residents.

Request a HIP here