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Food safety, a responsibility to share

Food safety and quality are of high importance to all community members at KAUST. Community Life's Food Safety & Quality Assurance (FSQ) team is passionate about applying the highest standards when taking care of our food. The team consists of qualified professionals in the field and aims to assure community members that their food is safe at all times while supporting Food Service Providers to adapt and survive in a competitive environment. The FSQ team is continuously working on implementing and improving a world-class food safety system from farm to plate. The ultimate goal is to safeguard the KAUST Community and establish a trust relationship with community members. We take pride in caring for your food. Our vision will become a reality when management, service providers, retailers, community members, and all other consumers collectively commit to work together and apply sound principles of food safety based on science and research.


The purpose of the FSQ team is triple-fold

1. Inspecting KAUST's food service providers

Food Service Providers in KAUST need to comply with both international and Saudi law as well as KAUST requirements. External vendors who visit our campus for official events are also held to those same standards. The FSQ team supports food service providers and other stakeholders at KAUST to abide by our FSQ standards. Through audits, inspections, advisory visits, and walkthroughs the FSQ team consistently monitor Food Service Providers. Our experts also conduct regular microbiology tests to evaluate the quality and freshness of food and the level of cleanliness for the workplace, and actions are taken based on those results. Additionally, they investigate specific cases when feedback from the community is received, and follow up to prevent issues from reoccurring.

For this reason, it is strongly recommended to use KAUST's internal catering services for your private events. Using outside caterers for private events can be risky due to a lack of in-depth quality controls by the FSQ team. FSQ is a valuable asset that we as a community can use to keep ourselves and our guests safe.


2. Training KAUST food service providers

FSQ training mainly focuses on awareness and education regarding Community Life's high food safety standards. The team expects the highest level of hygiene and food safety within all the facilities on campus. They host regular training and awareness sessions on different topics such as  Best Hygiene Practices, Personal Hygiene, Food allergens and sanitization, cleaning and disinfection, to guarantee all-round up-to-date knowledge in food-related matters. The sessions are delivered in English, Arabic, and Hindi to make sure the message is well understood by all participants.


3. Educating the community

The FSQ team organizes workshops and events, such as our World Food Day event and our  Food safety in the time of COVID-19 webinar to share knowledge with our community members on how to prepare safe meals at home as well as to inform them about the food safety processes at KAUST. The goal is to increase your knowledge and develop your awareness skills regarding food safety and health-oriented topics.


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Join us in our effort to make sure your food is safe. If you have a question or if you aren't satisfied with the quality or safety of any food at KAUST, we encourage you to report your findings to the FSQ team by emailing When the food safety inspectors receive a complaint, they execute an in-depth investigation and thoroughly inspect the concerned food service provider, after which appropriate corrective measures are taken.

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