Welcome to the Family and Child Support Center (FCSC)


The Family and Child Support Center (FCSC) is a service based in KAUST that supports children and young people aged 18 months to 18 years who have additional needs. The center supports neurodiverse children who need further support to develop their language, academic, social, emotional or behavioral skills.




The Family and Child Support Center developed as a result of parental request to provide additional services to help their children educationally, developmentally, behaviorally, emotionally, and socially. The Center will work closely with families to develop the support services and activities that people want and need.

The Family and Child Support Center is based in the community building EEC3 near to The KAUST School elementary and secondary school campus and it offers:


Parent and Family Room
Therapeutic Service Area
Activity Rooms
Sensory Experience Room

A therapeutic service area which has individual rooms for assessments and interventions, a private waiting room, an open reception area, and an accessible restroom. This area also has specialized rooms for the delivery of Occupational Therapy (OT) and Speech and Language services (SLP), a private waiting room, an open reception area and further rooms which will be developed as demand grows for specialist services.

A parent and family room where people can come together for peer support either through specific and timetabled support groups or on an ad hoc basis. This room offers soft seating and refreshments.

A sensory experience room which will offer both individual and group-based experiences for young people with additional needs. This room is being designed by market specialists and is expected to be open for use by early 2023.

Two activity rooms:

  • One of the activity rooms will have comfortable seating, a TV screen, a gaming equipment, arts/crafts and toys and will be a place for children and young people to use.
  • The second activity room will be used interchangeably for delivering parenting programs, running activities for children and young people as well as hosting planned events.


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