The Family and Child Support Center (FCSC) will be a beacon of support, encouraging a sense of belonging and inclusion within the KAUST community.  It will provide access to quality support services and engaging activities, helping children to achieve their full potential while creating a supportive and caring environment for children and their families. 


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The Center’s mission is to: 


  • Support early identification of needs through awareness, training, the provision of assessments and the creation of support plans 
  • Provide evidence-based specialist intervention through internal, local and international professionals that best fits the needs of children, aged 18 month - 18 years, to help them to thrive 
  • Provide and coordinate a comprehensive program of inclusive activities for children with additional needs, helping to develop a sense of belonging and acceptance within the community 
  • Offer a place for parents and families to come together to support one another, helping them to feel supported, emotionally and socially, to best meet the needs of their children 
  • Signpost people to additional resources within the KAUST community 
  • Ensure best practices in data management and record keeping

The Center will work towards its vision through partnering and working in collaboration with the children and their families, KAUST stakeholders including Childcare Services, KAUST Health, Recreation, The KAUST School and with local, regional and international specialists.    





Respect:  The Center will respect an individual’s (and their families’) right to choose the support they need. The privacy and confidentiality of personal data will be respected.


Kindness: The Center will show kindness, empathy and acceptance to all children and families that it supports. It will set the example and encourage other KAUST community members and services to show the same compassion and kindness to all.  


Support and Awareness: The Center will provide a positive and nurturing place for parents to share stories, learn from each other’s experiences, and spread awareness in the community. 


Family involvement: Engagement with families and listening to their input will be a core value underpinning the approach to developing the Center and its services in the future.  There will be a focus on the outcomes that children and their families aim to achieve. 


Inclusion: In alignment with Vision 2030, the Center will promote and encourage safe spaces to allow children to enjoy a range of activities. The Center will work closely with Recreation and other service providers in KAUST to support children in accessing and participating in sports, the arts and other activities.  


Advocacy: The Center will represent children with additional needs in the KAUST community and advocate for them to access community activities and services. This will include ensuring wider community events consider the needs of children with additional needs.  


Innovation: The Center will work closely with the University so that children and families benefit from any scientific and technology innovations developed at KAUST, to improve their quality of life and level of independence within the community.  


Partnerships: The center will build partnerships with KAUST Health, The KAUST School, Child Care services and other providers locally, regionally, and internationally to ensure children receive appropriate support interventions that best meet their needs.



Clinical Principles 


An important element of the Family and Child Support Center are the clinical principles that underpin our work. These principles help ensure that we deliver high-quality, focused interventions that will give the children the best possible chance of achieving their own personal goals.  These principles are: 


clinical principals