Community Life Leadership

Director, Community Services




Nabeel Masoudi, the Director of Community Services, has been working in KAUST since 2008 (Seconded from Saudi Aramco) while the university was still under construction. He was part of a team responsible to ensure the university readiness for the operations and maintenance of the facilities after completion of construction work plus providing required amenities and services. 

In 2012 he became a KAUST employee as Facilities and Community Contracts & Admin Manager, then he became Security Director, and in late 2019 he assumed the role of Community Services Director.
He was living in KAUST (Aramco Temporary Constriction Camp in KAUST) without his family for the first 2 years and then his family joined him. His kids studied at TKS (The KAUST Schools) and later on his youngest daughter graduated from KAUST School and went to college in Jeddah and since then he is commuting to work.
Nabeel has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering and has a diverse and rich Management and Administration experience while working in KAUST and previously in Saudi Aramco in various locations including Yanbu NGL Plant, Yanbu Refinery, Rabigh Refinery and Ras Tanura Refinery. 

Nabeel is proud to be a “KAUST Founder” and he appreciates the experience and knowledge he gained in KAUST specially the first 3 years during KAUST construction and startup which he said “is equivalent to his 20+ years of his previous career”.