Community Life Leadership

Director, KAUST Health


HC6130 / 01-0505


Daniel has two decades of experience in leading and developing health and wellbeing services for communities and global corporations, as well as working for international health insurance providers.  Prior to joining KAUST, Daniel’s most recent position was as CEO of a hospital based in the South East of England, delivering a complete range of health and wellbeing services to the local community.

After joining KAUST in early 2019, Daniel has been heavily involved in KAUST’s response to COVID-19, whilst overseeing the delivery of healthcare services and developing the future offering at KAUST Health.

Daniel lives in KAUST with his wife Becky and son Teddy.  When he isn’t trying to improve his game on the Safaa golf course, Daniel enjoys exploring Jeddah and the regions around KAUST, trying new cuisines and travelling.