WISER 2023 comes to an end

27 August, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of the WISER 2023 Summer program – a program that KAUST has offered since 2016.  This summer we welcomed 117 high school and university undergraduate students, who undertook practical internships in the academic, research, and administrative areas of the university.

During the program, the interns worked on exciting projects and tasks and got to learn about data analysis, Laboratory research, cell biology, graphic design, security, marketing and event planning, project management, Molecular Cages for DNA and RNA Encapsulation to Improve Gene Therapy and Vaccinations and much more.  During the program, they also attended workshops led by industry experts.

The program was a huge success, with the interns demonstrating exceptional performance and professionalism throughout their time with us. We are confident that the experience they gained during the program will serve them well in their future endeavors.

Huge thanks to our mentors who have been working alongside us since February 2023, shortlisting and interviewing potential intern candidates, and planning the program.  The ongoing commitment and dedication of our mentors is what makes the WISER program such a great success each year.

Photos from the four-week program can be found here.