What an incredible week we had at KAUST with Shrek the Musical!

26 March, 2023

KAUST recently hosted a successful run of "Shrek The Musical", an award-winning show based on the Oscar®-winning DreamWorks film, to the delight of the local community. Over the course of a week, close to 3,000 attendees experienced this hilarious and heart-warming adventure, making it a memorable event for all. The production, featuring a talented cast and crew, mostly from New Zealand, brought the beloved fairy tale characters to life in a unique and irreverent way. The show was praised for its stunning costumes, fantastic performances, and catchy musical numbers.


As part of KAUST commitment to social responsibility, in addition to the public performances, we were proud to partner with KAUST Strategic Advancement to host a special performance for local children as part of this initiative. Almost 150 people from KAUST’s neighboring communities attended the show. KAUST is committed to engaging with the local community and promoting social responsibility through various initiatives and partnerships as a part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 (developing a vibrant society). The vision seeks to improve the quality of life for Saudi citizens, including improving access to education and healthcare, promoting cultural and recreational activities, and strengthening social values.


Find photos from “SHREK The Musical” at KAUST here.


We want to extend a special thanks to everyone who made this event possible, including the various KAUST teams and our community partners. We can't wait for the next opportunity to bring world-class entertainment to our community!