International Tabletop day wrap-up and Photos

09 June, 2022

The first international Tabletop Day at KAUST was hosted by the Board Gaming Community Club and sponsored by Community Life on Saturday 4th June 2022.

More than 150 community members gathered in the Gardens Community Center to play 50+ board games throughout the day; bringing families and friends together to have a lot of fun. The event had four tournaments with 59 participants who registered to play Splendor, Ticket to Ride, Point Salad, and Kingdomino.

The winners for each tournament are

Game First Place Second Place
Kingdomino Musab Thaslim Sarah Thaslim
Point Salad Nikos Papagiannopoulos Denise Westerhout
Splendor Cedar Hopwood Wenxuan Zhang
Ticket to Ride (Adults) Juan Manuel Colom -
Ticket to Ride (Children) Cyrus Sarathy -

Playing board games is not only entertaining; they give us educational experiences that strengthen social bonds, help us to meet new people,  encourage cooperation and interaction, and benefit everyone in our community.

Join the Board Gaming club

If you wish to receive more information, please contact the board gaming club at, check the Community Club Website or join the Facebook group.

Special thanks to the officers and volunteers, passionate board gamers, who made the ITD 2022 possible: Ananya Ashok, Christopher B. Wagstaff, David Lago Cachon, Guillermo Granados-Garcia, Hisham Al Barazi, Hussam Harakeh, Jonathan Wagstaff, Jorge D. Diego, Juan Manuel Colom, Linda Polik, Maicon J. Karling, Manuel Ariza Fuentes, Marcos Aguilar Ventura, Mark A. Rossing, Michelle Nicole Havlik, Nikolaos Papagiannopoulos, Patricia Jimenez-Garcia and Renzo M. Caballero Rosas

Photos are available here.