Lugmety delivery services now available in KAUST

10 April, 2022

We are pleased to announce that the Lugmety delivery services app is now available to KAUST residents as additional food and retail delivery option. Lugmety is a leading delivery company that provides a convenient and efficient way of ordering and processing online payments.  

Learn more about this new service and phased launch approach below.  

Why Lugmety?  

  • In the initial launch phase, delivery is available from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Tawabil, Verra Pizza, Halwani Cuisine, Smoked Ash, and China Bistro

  • Live tracking of your order and delivery plus excellent customer service 

  • Additional Community Life restaurants and retailers are planned to be enrolled in the near future. As well, Lugmety is expanding in Jeddah, KAEC, and Thuwal, and soon these restaurant and retail options will be available for delivery to your home in KAUST

How can I order using the Lugmety App? 

  • Download the Lugmety app on the App Store or  Google Play 

  • Select “Thuwal- King Abdullah University of Science and Technology” 

  • Order your meal 

  • Select delivery type: home delivery or pick-up

  • Pay via the app  

Lugmety delivery is available daily from 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.  


This service is currently in a soft launch and testing phase. We expect that the service options from KAUST and the surrounding areas will expand in the near future. We welcome your feedback on the service so we can adapt based on your need.