Halawani Cuisine and Ya Hala Remodeling at Discovery Square

02 January, 2019

Shoro and Ya Hala restaurants in Discovery Square are currently undergoing remodeling and will soon be providing your favorite dishes and more. 

Shoro is undergoing planned renovation to replace it with Halawani Cuisine, the premium brand of the same company. Halawani Cuisine is well-known in Jeddah and will offer your old favorites, new dishes, and an enhanced dining experience.






YaHala.jpgYa Hala is undergoing emergency maintenance which will result in an upgrade to the customer flow and provide an indoor dining area in the restaurant. 

Rest assured that the delicious shawarmas (and more!) from both restaurants will be back soon. Both restaurants are targeted to re-open by the end of January. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience while we make Discovery Square an even more vibrant social space for the community.

Omar Al-Omar 
Director, Community Services & Engagement