Keeping Pets in the KAUST Community

24 May, 2021

‚ÄčIn an effort to support healthy pets, healthy families and a healthy community, pet ownership at KAUST is regulated.  It is the responsibility of all pet owners at KAUST to read and understand the  Guidelines for Ownership of Pets in the KAUST Community and all pets must be registered on an annual basis.


Registration/Re-registration of Pets

If your pet(s) have not been registered this year, please book an appointment as promptly as you can with International Animal Care at KAUST, who visit each Tuesday.  Registration requires:

  • A medical check-up (just a 10 minute session)
  • Evidence of up-to-date vaccinations
  • Evidence of microchipping and spaying/neutering (for cats)
  • Completion of the registration/re-registration form, submission of a close-up photo of your pet, and payment of the fee (SAR 150 per pet per year) at the Vet Reception.

Pet registration is mandatory and action (including fines) may be taken against pet owners who do not register their pet.  Registrations help us to manage the pets in our community and also allows us to continue to offer vet and grooming services and support pet-related initiatives and programs.


Leaving the KAUST Community? 

Pet owners must notify the Pet care Team at before the planned date of departure and provide documentary evidence that their pet is leaving/being shipped out of KAUST, or that someone else in the KAUST community will be taking ownership of the pet.  If neither of these options are possible, the owners must make arrangements for their pets to be relocated to a pet facility/group in Jeddah and pay for their ongoing care until they can be rehomed. The Pet care Team can offer guidance with any of these options. 

Thank you for your commitment to keeping the KAUST community a pet-friendly environment.