Pop-up Souk: Aquatic Pets and Aquariums

The River Aquarium, a popular aquatic pet shop, is coming soon to the Pop-up Souk. The store will feature a stunning collection of planted and natural aquariums filled with a diverse range of fish and other aquatic pets for sale. Find designs inspired by nature that take you to the depths of rivers to soothe your heart and nourish your sight every day. 

Working hours   

Days: March 18 to March 23 
Time: 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. daily   
Location: Near Kanoo Travel in Harbor Walk (See Map)           

About the Pop-up souk 

The Pop-up Souk is a space that is available for short-term use for shops, activities, and programs. The Pop-up Souk is located between Discovery Square and the Harbor Library.  


Event Quick Information

18 - 23 Mar, 2024
07:33 PM - 11:30 PM