KAUST Open Gardens Day

Saturday, March 9

2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. 


The KAUST Garden Society is very pleased to announce the third KAUST Open Gardens Day. It will offer an opportunity to visit several beautiful private gardens and may inspire you for your own backyard, patio or balcony.    

Most of the listed gardens are located on the Island, but we also have a very inspiring one from the Garden neighborhood this time. They provide a good mix of different landscaping approaches, vegetation types, and maintenance. Some owners will be present to introduce the plants and how to care for them.  

Please note that access to the gardens will be through the signposted side gates.   

Villa G-1368 – John Brown  

A very good example of how to make a green oasis with healthy plants in a limited amount of space. The lemon tree is probably one of the biggest on campus, and this place is very popular with birds.   


Villa I-5630 – Smart House  

A minimalistic garden for a house with a modern architectural look. Vegetation contrasts nicely with the white pebbles.   


Villa I-5631 – Frans van Buchem   

A delightful palm and succulent garden with many interesting trees such as Erythrina, Acacia, Parkinsonia and Tamarind. The striking features are the Royal Palms.  


Villa I-5750 – Marie Tegner  

A shady backyard garden full of Bougainvilleas, a desert rose collection and inviting seating arrangements with a wonderful sea view.    


Villa I-5739 - Valerio Orlando  

A spacious backyard garden with individual Cycas and trees set off against the well-maintained lawn and two welcoming desert roses in the front garden.  


Villa I-5716 – Lama Peyroles   

A cozy garden full of surprises, with various herbs grown in raised beds and fruit trees, set against the backdrop of the lovely Red Sea view.  


Villa I-5713 – Ruchi Rastoghi  

A garden full of herbs, vegetables and lemon and Papaya trees. Good use has been made from wooden frames to lead pumpkins and other climbers.  


Villa I-539M – Management guest villa  

A beautiful, landscaped front and backyard garden with shaded areas provided by groups of mature date palms and coconut trees with a swimming pool facing the sea. 


About the KAUST Garden Society  

Do you enjoy gardening or decorating your balcony with beautiful plants? Whether you have a green thumb or are just getting into gardening, the KAUST Garden Society is a community club open to all.  


Any questions? Please contact the KAUST Garden Society at  frans.vanbuchem@kaust.edu.sa or Selena.franchini@kaust.edu.sa  



Event Quick Information

09 Mar, 2024
02:30 PM - 06:30 PM