Looking for a New Cub Scouts Leader

13 November, 2023

KAUST Cub Scouts is part of the British Scouting Overseas Association and is for girls and boys in Grade 3 to Grade 5 (aged 8 – 11 years old). We have had a very successful cub pack in KAUST for the last 10 years. 

We are looking for a new leader to take over the Cub Scouts from January 2024.  This will be a great experience and a rewarding and fulfilling job if you enjoy the idea of working with young kids and like outdoor-type activities.  

To sign up, please contact Chris Newns by email at crnewns@gmail.com  or by phone  055 372 0502. 


About the Cub Scouts 

Cub Scouts is a Community Club in KAUST has been going since 2013. We are part of the UK Overseas Scouting Association and have a lot of fun working towards activity badges, such as cooking, camping, pioneering, athletics and astronomy, and many more.