Makkah Bus Updates During Hajj Season

18 May, 2023

As the Hajj Season is coming soon, please note the following changes to the Makkah bus trips from KAUST.  

Nusuk Permit Required 

From May 19, 2023, all passengers must have Nusuk permit “to perform Umrah” prior to boarding the KAUST bus to Makkah.  

Please note that even if there is one passenger without the permit, authorities can send back the entire bus from the Makkah checkpoint.  

Find the links to download the Nusuk app below: 


Trips suspended between June 4 and July 22 

All Makkah bus trips will be suspended during the Hajj period from June 4 to July 22.  


For more information on all KAUST bus services visit the bus services page here.  

If you have any concerns or queries, please email or contact the Bus Service Supervisor at (012) 808 5222.