Rabab Wereda


Growing up in Egypt to loving parents who shared a passion for altruism, Rabab Wereda learnt to be a community builder at a young age. She was a member of the volunteer committee in her middle to high school years and continued to be an active volunteer in local and international organizations as an adult. In 2009 she moved to KAUST with her husband Rajneesh Pandey as founding members. It is no surprise that she continued to pursue volunteering avenues here, looking to serve the people of the KAUST community. 

Rabab organized and led the pilot Computer Skills course under the Saudi Initiatives Social Responsibility umbrella for the Thuwal Female Center. The program was very successful, and was replicated in both the female and male centers. She also relaunched the Sewing Club in 2017 by conducting workshops herself as well as inviting local and expat tutors from Jeddah to deliver workshops. In 2018, she hosted KAUST’s first Quilt Exhibit in partnership with Jeddah’s Quilting Guild, inviting four sponsors from around the kingdom and guests in the fine arts field. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Rabab led the Maskateers volunteer group, whose members made thousands of facemasks for the community. She continued to make hundreds of facemasks at no charge for our community, focusing on the junior community members. Additionally, she delivered zoom workshops guiding participants to make their own masks.

 “KAUST is the first home that my husband and I have known together, and as such, it holds a special place in our hearts. We feel well protected, sheltered and catered for in the KAUST community. Over the years, it has been described as the gift that keeps giving; hence it is our duty to give back. We receive a lot of care from KAUST’s generosity and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at large. When KAUST calls for a contribution, you do whatever you can to stand in solidarity with and for the community. The act of giving nourishes my soul, hence, volunteering opportunities bring me joy. Rajneesh provides me with continues support in the background, and for that I am truly blessed.”

Published: October, 2020